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“Nude beach” on Saturday Night Live

Saturday Night Live is an US-american comedy show. 1988 was released one episode featuring an humoristic scene on a nude beach, where one of the character make his first visit. The scene is about penis size, which actually give a wrong image on what naturism is.

Comfort Add

Comfort is a brand of clothes-washing products. In the UK, Comfort released 2008 an advertisment featuring a world in which nudity is the norm. But the use of the Comfort product tends to make liking clothes.

“The end of naturism?” by The Guardian

The Guardian followed the closing of a nude beach in Suffolk 2010 and enquires about the future of naturism at that time. He also finished to try naturism and get his clothes off.

“Book it to Fresno” by Brendan Canning

Book it to Fresno is a solo song of the canadian Singer Brendan Canning. In the music clip, it pictures the arrival at the naturist resort Bare Oaks and the discovre of naturism of the main character.

Respira Naturistes on BTV

Respira is a documentary TV show on the spanish TV channel Barcelona TV. One episode is dedicated to naturists and was realeased 2010. Thanks testimonies of naturists, this documentary speaks about the benefits of nudity and proximity with nature in naturism.

Roman Bureš ‘ diverse naturist drawings

Roman Bureš is a czech drawing artist. He is know for have drawing Stormy Clouds, a naturist comic book (see here the article about it). He also draws lots of humoristic and natural drawings depicting naturist sceneries. As illustration: See more of his nudity and nudism related work here: https://www.romanbures.cz/fotoalbum/akty–/ , https://www.romanbures.cz/fotoalbum/akty–/ , https://www.romanbures.cz/fotoalbum/kreslene-vtipy/ ,Continue reading “Roman Bureš ‘ diverse naturist drawings”

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