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Welcome on Nudism in Culture !

Get confortable and be informed about Nudism, naturism and Culture.

You’ll find here the appearance and representation of Nudism in the Culture around multiple categories !

Latest on Nudism Culture

“Woburn Abbey. The bare facts”

Woburn abbey The Bare facts is an english news reportage from the year 1958. It reports about a naturist recreation campground in England.

“Nudisten” by My Sandström

Nudisten is a swedish short film of My Sandström from the year 2010. The film is made as a fake documentary showing a woman, Kerstin, who has become a daily-life nudist after she broke up with her boyfriend.

Solange te parle: “Naturisme en Bretagne”

Solange te parle is a Youtube channel of the french actress Ina Mihalache. She adopts the character of Solange to adress differents themes. In one episode, she adresses naturism and presents a lot of positive aspects of the practice of naturism (here especially at the beach).

Unsere Geschichte: “Als die Nackten an der Ostsee kamen”

Als die Nackte an der Ostsee kamen is a german documentary form the documentary show “Unsere Geschichte” from the year 2011. The documentary tells the story with personal archive images of the naturists in the former German Democratic republic and the tradition of the practice of nudity at the baltic Sea (e.g. in Prerow).

News TF1: “Le naturisme, une tendance?”

On the 29th of June 2018, the first french channel TF1 released a reportage during the evening news (one of the most watched news report). The journalists are depicting the evolution of the practice of nudism/naturism, especially in urban context and for cultural activities: singing, swimming pool and sport, restaurant… The journalists are also trying…