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Danepak Commercial ad

1992 the british Company Danepak, selling danish bacon, released a commercial ad promotin a new low fat bacon. The scene represented a nudist family eating barbecue.

Red Bull Nudist camp

Around 2009, the energy drink Company Red Bull released a comic commercial based on a small story taking place in a nudist area. Even if it could have been a great possibility to give a trendy image of naturism, Red Bull uses sexual jokes, which are not necessary. A bad attempt to use correctly nudismContinue reading “Red Bull Nudist camp”

“Naturistas defendem o nudismo em locais públicos” on SuperPop

Superpop is a brazilian TV show. 2013 they dedicated a show to naturism and social nudity. After a reportage in a nudist resort, nudists are defending the naturist lifestyle and the right to be naked outdoors and in public places with the others guests of the show.