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Nudist Golf by Brian Smith

Brian Smith is an american photographer and well-known photojournalist. He made a series called “Nudist Golf” for Sports Illustrated. As illustration of his work: Visit his website and discover the project and his other work: https://briansmith.com/

“W5 visits a nudist colony”

In 1984, a reporter of the canadian TV channel W5 go discover the nudist life. In this documentary, it is especially question of the “naked city”, the nudist resort of Cap d’adge in France. The journalist – who is also trying – interviewed also some engaged naturists, for example of the association British naturists. TheyContinue reading ““W5 visits a nudist colony””

The nudists of Diane Arbus

Diane Arbus was an american photographer who was especially specialized into photographying people at the borders of the society or who have an excentric way of life. In the 1960’s she made a series about the practice of naturism and showing the diversity of the naturist bodies in the US. As illutration of her work: